Eighty percent of the analytic and marketing solution projects fail as they are either late, over budget, or do not provide the functions  agreed upon.  RiteSpeed is a new client engagement model for architecting, designing and deploying a marketing database solutions.  Using RiteSpeed, CollabRite delivers production solution in 10 weeks, cutting in half even the most aggressive schedules used by traditional marketing solution service providers.

RiteSpeed leverages HaMPi technology framework to enable a rapid, progressive approach to analytic solution deployment that delivers business value immediately, while also allowing for continued but non-disruptive improvement.


The 5-point delivery benefits include

  1. Rapid and on-schedule delivery guarantees.
  2. Advanced analytics and complete customer intelligence.
  3. Highly sophisticated collaborative process management
  4. Knowledge transfer and training.
  5. Continuous but non-disruptive improvements


  • Principles in line with Lean startup and Lean Integration principles.
  • Eliminates non-value-add activities (wastes).
  • Plan for change by being agile and nimble