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Integrated Sales & Marketing Operations

We let you focus on your business, not technology

More Transparent, Efficient, and Accountable view of Marketing.

Build a foundation for excellence by reinforcing performance metricsstrategy alignmentprocess & infrastructureautomation & best practices

Organizational Alignment

Our goal is to help brands align sales and marketing initiatives using data driven strategies and insights to allow for enhanced personalized communications - Delivering the right message at the right time via the right channel

Current Environment


Customer-Centric Structure


Transforming businesses into Customer-Centric organizations

Customer Engagement Mapping

Optimizing customer engagement through mapping and optimizing touchpoints through the utilization of the CDP platform and integrating Marketing Automation and CRM tools to provide a single and consistent process for campaign management and customer interaction.

Managing Customer Engagement

Marketing Operations Offerings

Marketing Readiness

CollabRite will evaluate current data, technology and customer strategy to assess an organization’s ability to effectively execute communications and campaign strategies that are aligned with business and revenue goals

Execution and Optimization

Work with organizations to optimize and integrate their sales and marketing tools to ensure a consistent and collaborative approach to the execution of campaigns and customer communications.

Analysis & Insights

CollabRite uses sophisticated cleansing and matching algorithms to provide high-quality unified customer profiles (Golden Records) to support progressive customer personas for hyper-personalized customer interaction across all channels.